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domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017

Programa # 410 (04.02.2017)

Plástico de la semana "Chew" PAPERHEAD  (Trouble In Mind-2016)

extraída del EP "Sunday Girls" (2015) 
"Porters Fiddle" PAPERHEAD
"Reincarnated" PAPERHEAD
ambas extraídas de "Chew" (2017)
"Religious Experience (Singing A Song In The Morning)" KEVIN AYERS feat. SYD BARRETT
bonus track extraída de "Joy Of A Toy" (1969/2003)
"Big Black Smoke" THE KINKS
cara B del single "Dead End Street" (1966)
"Over And Over" PAPERHEAD
"Emotion (Pheremones)" PAPERHEAD
todas extraídas de "Chew" (2017)
"Judy" A to AUSTR
extraída de "Musics From Holyground" (1970)
"Dear Nellie Goodrich" KALEIDOSCOPE UK
extraída de "Tangerine Dream" (1967)
"The Glorius House Of Arthur" FAIRFIELD PARLOUR
extraída de "From Home To Home" (1970)
"If I Could Be With You" THE PANDAMONIUM
extraída de "The Unreleased Album" (1970/2004)
extraída de "Thoughts And Words" (1969)
"Jingle Jangle" THE TROGGS
extraída de "Wild Thing" (1966)
"Come And Sing A Song" PICADILLY LINE
extraída de "The Huge World Of Emily Small" (1967)
"Sing Along With The Singer" EDWARDS HAND
extraída de "Edwards Hand" (1969)
"Love's Beautiful" MERLIN Q
cara B del single "The Secret" (1969)
"Falling Leaves" STUDIO SIX
cara B del single "Strawberry Window" (1967)

Discoteca esencial del Hotel Arizona "Odessey And Oracle" THE ZOMBIES (CBS-1968)

"I Want Her She Wants Me" THE ZOMBIES
"Maybe After He's Gone" THE ZOMBIES
"Friends Of Mine" THE ZOMBIES
"This Will Be Our Year" THE ZOMBIES
todas extraídas de "Odessey And Oracle" (1968)
"Lincoln County" DAVE DAVIES
extraída del single "Lincoln County" (1968)
"Gimme Dat Ding" THE PIPKINS
extraída del single "Gimme Dat Ding" (1970)
"What More Do You Want" THE IVY LEAGUE
extraída de "This Is The Ivy League" (1965)
"Tiny Goddess" TIM ANDREWS
extraída del single "Tiny Goddess" (1970)
extraída de "March Hare" (1971)
cara B del single "Naughty Boy" (1968)
"Upstairs, Downstairs" GRAHAM GOULDMAN
extraída de "The Graham Gouldman Thing" (1968)
"Question Mark" BILLY NICHOLLS
extraída de "Woild You Believe" (1968)
"She's Got Medals" DAVID BOWIE
extraída de "David Bowie" (1967)
"30 Century Man" SCOTT WALKER
extraída de "Scott 3" (1969)

The Troggs, muchísmo más que tan solo "Wild Thing",
ESCUCHA Y/O DESCARGA (Listen or download):

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